Our goal is to get the Sunshine Box® directly into the hands of Puerto Ricans preparing for, or in relief of, natural disaster.




We provide Sunshine Boxes to individuals – a lifesaver in disaster.


Not your standard relief donation…

Developed out of a disconnect between donors and recipients project Power2PR was started.

We aim to provide transparency and communication on every step of the process which takes your donation and turns it into clean, independent electricity for those directly affected by or preparing for the devastating effects that natural disaster has on that already fragile infrastructure.



Your donation contributes towards a total package of $770 – total cost of the Sunshine box and shipping.  Sunshine boxes convert sunshine into 12 VDC for use with lights, radios, chargers, fans, or anything else that can run directly off the box or via an inverter.


Once you donate you will receive access to our donor portal which allows you to track your donation dollars all the way to delivery of your Sunshine box.


Donors can choose to be anonymous or not – Recipients will always be know – and grateful for your assistance on getting them back to some level of normalcy. Connect with the lives your donation has impacted – real lives, real stories – real connections!

Your contributions will make a direct impact!

Every donor is able to see exactly when their dollars turn into a Sunshine Box and exactly where that Sunshine Box goes. There is even a profile of the family that receives the Sunshine Box® made possible by each donation.

You can choose to not remain anonymous giving the recipients of your gift the opportunity to write you and communicate the impact your donation has made on their life.

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Here is how it works…

Donors are entered into our system and grouped in chunks of $770 ($500 for box + $270 shipping).  Once grouped they are assigned to a Sunshine box and then that box is assigned to a recipient…


$500 = One (1) Sunshine Box
$270 = Shipping of one (1) Sunshine Box from manufacturer to P.R. distribution location.
$770 = One (1) Sunshine Box purchased and shipped


Tenga en cuenta que al presionar este botón desea donar la cantidad de dinero especificada a la causa de llevar unidades de paneles solares a las personas afectadas por desastres naturales. Haga clic aquí si desea postularse para recibir una Sunshine Box.



Sunshine Box – https://www.1773innovationco.com/
Sunshine Electronics – http://www.sunshine.us.com/

Meet our first recipient: Kitty Ramos

She, like millions of other Puerto Ricans living on the island, are without power.  More than that – they are without energy security.  Through Power2PR we were able to raise the funds to give our first Sunshine Box to Kitty. This will enable her to charge her phone, play her radio, have lights and use other small electronics – without having to run a generator (Kitty spends $42 a day to power her generator – when jobs don’t exist due to no electricity) or use a car battery!


Kitty will be the point of contact for all other boxes distributed through Power2PR, but this website will be where you can get all the information – outside of your donor portal once you donate!


Stay tuned for more stories about how Kitty has used her Sunshine box, and how others have begun to obtain hope and energy independence.

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We do not share your information with ANYONE. We only send out quarterly newsletters unless emergency (natural disaster) requires additional communications.

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Here is our Blog

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