Learn about the IMPACT the Sunshine Box has made

Here we highlight a quick story about each and every Sunshine Box we have in the field. This is our committment to you - 100% Transparency. Once you made a donation and your donation turns into a Sunshine Box, it will appear on here as well. Donate now!







Ada works as a caretaker for her parents. Her daughter, Lya has an hour long commute to and from school each day since her local school closed after the hurricanes of 2017. Lya has asthma that has worsened with the trauma of the hurricanes, earthquakes, sudden blackouts and when running water no longer flows.

Ada shared her story with Power2PR and we were able to get them a Sunshine Box™. Now Ada, Lya, and the whole family (and at times sharing with other members of the community) have light, music, telephone, power for Gigi’s school laptop, and electricity for Gigi’s asthma therapy. They have peace of mind. Normalcy.

People on Puerto Rico using the Sunshine Boxes™ call them ‘salvavidas’. Lifesavers.

When you give a Sunshine Box™ to a family in Puerto Rico, you’ll know where it landed and who it is helping. We track the location of the boxes and through our blog, you’ll see photos and hear more stories like Ada and Lya’s.

Donate today to help other families provide a normal life for their children during this very difficult time. Empower more Puerto Rican-Americans as they bring normalcy back to their homes and their island. Power2PR, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, helps you share what you have with those hit by or preparing for natural disasters.










Maria is a mother, daughter and sister - retired and living in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Maria's household consists of her sister Elizabeth, her son Rapheal, and her father Felix. Felix is 96 years old and living at home with COPD. In Rio Grande there has been unstable electricity since hurricanes Maria and Irma over 2 years ago, made only worst by the earthquakes which have crippled the infrastructure of the entire island.
The Sunshine Box gives confidence to the Diaz household, ensuring electricity for COPD medication nebulizer, lights, fans and cell phone power.
It is this simple reassurance that has proven over and over to be a critical factor in thriving over just surviving.