Deep breath….

Yes, you read that right – 143 days later.  The whole 1 in 4 thing is even putting things in a good light, because self-admittedly there are 28% of past customers still without electricity.  We has a leadership meeting today and really drilled down to the core impact that we are capable of having – if only given the chance.  Yes we know there is a big ask – but there is a big need, and what we figured out is how to use the money already being used – but use it in a way that will continue to provide free solar power for years to COME!

Okay, I almost got out of hand there – but really, we figured it out a while ago – but each day we find a new way of telling the story.  The big hope is that the right person listens and we get access to the funds that already being distributed for relief.

I will get all the pretty pictures made and supporting documentation and then get a blog post just about that – but we are ready to sit down and talk to whoever we need to in order to get the ball rolling and the solar units distributed!

The blessings, hopes, cheers and well wishes are felt and continuous motivation – thank you.

I found out that I should go to back to this island next week – continual building of municipality level relationships – as this is the governance level that knows the pulse of their community.  Power2PR Representatives continue to go out into the mountains and join the caravan of support and social services bringing hope and humanity to places outside of reach from maintained infrastructure.

Today in Puerto Rico, my mother Kitty went out and joined a traveling barber and a traveling laundry service. As these groups cut hair and did laundry, Power2PR signed up people who need electricity in order to truly quantify our geographic mapping of the high impact centers. It is amazing how much need there is when you go driving through the mountains. Even in the municipality of San Juan – the capital municipality – has citizens with no electricity.  Forgotten pockets of neighborhoods are all throughout the island there are plenty of places that will not get electricity for a very long time.  It is these locations that we have started to deploy Sunshine boxes and it is these locations that often get 40+ people charging their boxes daily!!! And that is just their cell phones.  When you hear the music playing in the mountains – when you know there is joy and you know there is hope – that is the greatest good.

We are listening and I hope we are doing those United States citizens the proper service by telling their stories and fighting to get sustainable and complete solar energy solutions.