A little meta to start things off —- Thank you for continuing to care enough to read an article. Thank you for thinking about Puerto Rico. There is a lot of things vying for our attention these days – sheesh, I almost get stuck just thinking about that fact. But when I realize that I am getting sucked into someone else’s intentions I try and move my attention instead to the joy and peace that I feel when relaxing at one of hundreds of places across the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. That is my home, my oasis – and many people feel that way when thinking about Puerto Rico, when visiting Puerto Rico, or when getting to experience the island first hand. I want to connect with that piece in all of us – that joy and piece that exists when in nature – when away from people – when a part of something larger than you that has existed for so long that time isn’t even relevant. That piece is in all of us, and for me that piece has manifested into Power2XYZ – with Power2PR being the first of many projects which aims to bring energy independence to those in need.

6 months later…

I shutter at the thought that after 6 months – there are still hundreds of thousands of American citizens who no longer have electricity flowing into their homes.

But when I investigate the why I realize that there are so many layers to this observation… so much complexity… so much trauma

I have experienced trauma and know first hand that trauma is personal and complicated and takes time to heal.

With that being said, 6 months is not a long time to even take in all of the complexities and layers that created the situation we are in – but at the same time we are dealing with what has been and continues to be a STATE EMERGENCY as DECLARED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I put that in all caps not to yell, but to emphasize the fact that 1, these are American citizens, the same citizens who fight for US rights with a US flag on their shoulder, and 2, this is a Federally recognized emergency.

Emergency as defined by Google – a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. (source)

So what is being done?  A LOT.  But then why is it STILL a Federally recognized EMERGENCY? Because there is still so much that needs to be done.  Yes, it sucks, yes it is hard, yes it takes away from the ‘bottom line’ or ‘immediate profits’ but when one nations sticks up for itself and helps itself – Everyone benefits.  Seriously.  This is a blog, not a thesis so I will not go into detail on that but if you would like to discuss, I am super willing – comment below.

We are but one piece of this picture of the future – but a piece that needs your help – if you are feeling the call, feeling the thought that you should act, please do – reach out, comment below – anything – but this situation requires immediate ACTION.