I want to apologize, but I will not. Instead I will keep pushing forward with all I got.


I know many of you did not know what to expect in terms of when you might expect a Sunshine box, and to be honest – neither did I when it came to addressing a 3+million person problem.  Our mission here is to provide energy independence to those affected by natural disaster – and we are doing that.  We have boxes going out weekly, right now by the one or two, but we are working every day to get the attention of people and organizations who can help fund tens if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of boxes for Puerto Rico.

It is our path as an organization to take the time to help the one while at the same time be strong, secure and focused enough to help the many.


Yesterday was the March 15th update (I know, a day late – but we are tightening up our workflows), so there are many responses and replies to listen to – to understand – and to communicate.


Everything – everyday – reinforces the fact that we are doing what is needed. Change takes time, especially the good change that lasts.