• The Learning Experience – What is the history of Puerto Rico and how can we learn from it?
  • Help from within – Puerto Rico’s local merchants are the life-blood of the island and their contributions to Power2PR.
  • Life on the island – A little bit about moving my family to Puerto Rico
Hello my fellow Puerto Ricans,
Everywhere I go people ask me, “How is Puerto Rico?” and after I take a deep breath and sort through hundreds of years of colonized rule, environmental impacts and socio-economic oppression and end up saying, “The heart of the island is strong.”
That is what I have learned over the last few months as I have taken a little time each day to study up on the history of Puerto Rico, as told by Puerto Ricans. I started with the now, and worked my way back through time until I found a time when Puerto Rico had Independence – self-sovereignty.  Which meant I went back to pre-1493.  And it is from these indigenous people that the Puerto Rican culture started to take shape.  I have learned about the many rulers that have come and imposed their systems on this island, and how the people of this island have put up with it, or rebelled against it.  And it is that undying passion to be independent that I keep coming back to. To me, the culture of Puerto Rico contains a lot of humility, the type of humility that often is overlooked but the type of humility that ensures a passion is passed on and on through generation despite the changes of the world around us. I always elevate the word humility, because it is very much a critical component of love, and as we all know, love is a very important component to Puerto Rico too.
My hope is that through many more discussions, we talk about the culture of Puerto Rico and share the glory that comes with calling oneself Puerto Rican.
Some of the love and humility that I spoke of before is evident in the work ethic of the local merchants. Armed with whatever resources are around and a heart full of passion, the local merchants of Puerto Rico are one of the last links to the deep culture of the island. My adventures take me from town to town, but one of the constants across any town I visit – is the loyalty the local merchants have to their communities. It is that loyalty that works as a gate, doing their best to protect the communities in which they exist – keeping out harm and letting in help. There is much appreciation to the local merchants for doing this and taking the time to learn about Power2PR because that in turn has allowed Power2PR to build relationships critical to the success of Energy Independence on this island. Along with the Sunshine Box demonstrations and community informational events, Power2PR will be meeting with local merchants on a regular basis to help implement practices that will allow for more tourism dollars as well as other international private dollars to flow into the island. Follow us on Facebook for more on those as well as the community informational events.
I want to share a little about my move to Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.  First off, thank you for accepting me – I know other countries that are not as hospitable to migrants ::cough::cough:: But really, moving my daughter, dog and livelihood to Puerto Rico was no small feat, but now that we are all here, the payoff begins.  Thank you Puerto Rico for showing me your self, for being true to yourself amidst the eyes of the world, for welcoming me back home.  I am in the house my grandfather built, breathing the Sahara dusty ocean air and couldn’t be more at home.  Thank you Puerto Rico.
Marcus Flores