Hello and good morning,


Today I want to post a few items that would make for a good ‘Sunshine box Care package’, or items that work well with a Sunshine box.


First is a power inverter.  A power inverter in this case changes the 12VCD to 110VAC, or in other words – it changes the plug from a car lighter plug to a standard north american wall outlet.  There is a picture and link to the right. Prices start around 12$ and go up from there.  The thing you would want to consider when shopping for an inverter is the amount of watts you will be using.  Each device you plug in should have some wattage listed, and that is what you would need to consider when using an inverter.  Also note that as you transform volts to watts, you affect your amperage too.


Next would be a voltage meter that reads from the 12VDC outlet, so you can know at a glance the charging rate and capacity of the battery.  Please note that all Sunshine boxes delivered after 1/10/2018 will have an exterior visual indicator or battery capacity on the box, making this item only good for reading the charge rate of the battery. Standard multimeters can be used to test the voltage coming from the box, but with the standard meters you have to make sure you hit the right points in the outlet, and with the lighter multimeter it removes this tricky requirement.


Outside of those items, a 12VDC extension cord would come in handy, as you should all be using the 12VDC circuit 🙂  I actually never have seen a 12VDC extension cord, but low and behold the internet has!  And those are listed on the right too.


Finally, as alluded to above, you would want to run everything off the 12VDC, as opposed to converting it to 110VAC, but that usually means you would need new appliances or at least you would need to get used to using your phone for everything 🙂  But seriously, take this TV example… if you wanted to watch a TV off the Sunshine Box, you would want to charge up your phone and use that to watch tv, or get a 12VDC tv, like one used on a RV or mobile home… that way the Sunshine box doesnt have to send the electricity through an inverter – loose amps – and train your solar battery quickly.  It is a shift in thinking like that which will really allow you to get the most of your Sunshine box.  Luckily for us, almost everything is made to run off 12VDC, so rest assured that you will be able to find what you need and use it forever, with your new found energy independence!