Let me first apologize for the delay in writing as I find my rhythm.

Second, let me say that I am even more inspired and invigorated than ever!

During my last trip to Puerto Rico (end of Feb to beginning of March) we were able to make connections, secure networks and experience the reality that is ‘every day’ in Puerto Rico.

I will get into details as time permits, but for now I will paint with broad strokes.

Power2PR has the verbal endorsement of two municipality mayors, and once those become formal I will share more.  This should help with the large funding request.

We also secured international transport from the manufacturer to the island for bulk shipments.  Very exciting to navigate the Puerto Rican treasury 🙂

We met with various community leaders and members to understand the needs that exist.  We are working on documentation that allows for easy signups as well as information about solar electricity in general.  These handouts should be out in the next day or two.

Very excited to meet with professional solar and electrical engineers and refine the documentation and fully understand the capabilities of the Sunshine box.


These boxes are coming.  These boxes will change the discussion.  These boxes will help now, tomorrow, next year and years after that.