Puerto Rico trending on Facebook, acquaintances asking about the island, friends asking about my family.

This time we can take action. This time we have a solution.

Power2PR allows for anyone, anywhere, to make an impact. 


Electricity is a tool, a tool that we’ve adapted to create ease in our lives. It is not always present, it is not always necessary, but this tool comes in handy when devastated by natural disaster. It helps us feel normal to turn on a light, listen to music or feel the cool breeze of a fan. Sometimes electricity even delivers lifesaving respiratory medication or powers other critical medical metering devices. That is why a Facebook post by CBS’s David Begnaud seemed to communicate a perfect situation in which Power2PR could serve.

This post was again sent to me when a friend and relief volunteer identified Dr Santos as a community leader who could help Power2PR really make an impact. So I reached out, via WhatsApp, and found indeed that Dr Santos was doing the hard work, the hidden work, the work on the front lines – providing medical and humanitarian relief right there in her front yard, because her building is uninhabitable.

At this same time, the owner of 17 73 Innovation Co. called to say she was donating 3 Sunshine Boxes and that all I needed to do was raise the money to get them shipped.

So that is what we did. Within 4 days we were able to get donations that covered the shipping costs, costs of power inverters, volt meters as well as airfare for me to go to Puerto Rico and meet with Dr Santos and other members of this impacted community. And that is pretty much where we stand today. The boxes are en route and I am making arrangements to be gone next week. I am excited to share all the  updates as we impact lives and make partnerships…. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on this and many other stories.

Please let us know if you would like to help, or if you know someone who could use our help.