It has been a bit of a shock, to move towards complete off-grid solar independence – but hey, that’s kind of my environment.  This weekend I took (well, am taking I suppose, as we are still on the trip) my daughter to visit her mother in Colorado and this road trip was a nice easy way to ease a 10 year old off ‘wall power’ as it is sometimes refered to as.  So, all of that is to say that I let her ‘test it out’!  🙂  Which wasn’t much as I saw how innately cautious she is – and that made me happy 🙂

So we took a Sunshine box in the trunk to charge our extra battery – 1 for the trip out there and 1 for the trip back.  The one out there powered a fan and her phone for the whole 9 hours we were driving, and that was with a cheap inverter!  I am realizing how critical it is to have DC devices.  We saw a bunch of DC devices and I am going to pick one or two up and see how they work.. stay tuned!!

But yeah, so the batterys are now swaped and the box is out soaking up the Colorado sun!  Looking forward to sharing the energy that we capture from here.

A few business developments have occured out here, so there will be more – Thanks for taking this in.