I know I am falling a little behind on the daily blogs, but that is just because there is so much momentum right now, and getting these boxes out is my #1 priority.


In order to REALLY do that, I have had to think a lot about the organizational structure of Power2PR, both in concept and then in reality.  The potential for these boxes to make a positive impact on people’s lives is too great to keep to one island – thus Power2 XYZ (power2.xyz) was formed.  This entity will provide commercial domestic sales for energy independence here state-side, while funneling all ‘profits’ to the disaster relief side of the organization.


This will allow us to have Power2Hati, Power2DR, Power2USVI, etc.  so that all people affected by these horrific natural disasters will not have to be too long before some sense of normalcy.  BUT my focus is still on Puerto Rico – hell, my mom is there!  But I needed to consider the growth potential for this entity as well as funding and the like.  So that is what I have been up to over the last couple of days.  So glad to have this structure in place!  Having this structure really has allowed us to focus our attention on the various aspects still needing attention, such as liabilities, tax-status, marketing, corporate donors, technology, and most important – getting the word out that we have a solution ready to go RIGHT NOW!!


Kitty, my mother, is constantly refining the application, weights, and assessment algorithms – and this is really the heart of the effort – getting boxes to those in need.  My mother is taking the time to listen to the stories, put herself in the conditions and situations of those who have been struggling for the last 100+ days.  Through these interviews she is able to really get to the heart of assessing need and then she funnels that information to me who develops the coding to implement her algorithm.  It really is a beautiful thing.


If you find yourself in need, or looking to help – look no further.  This effort is working – this effort is real – and this effort is making a difference.


Thank you.