Hello – Thanks for taking the time to get this far.  I will be talking about how the recent storm season has affected me personally, because I guess that is the topic I know most about 🙂

As I write this I don’t have anything else about me on this site except for a little about my consulting business and perhaps I reference that Kitty, the inspiration for all of this – including my life, is my mother.  She lives in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Okay, I should say that I am writing this without discussing the details of this post with her – so I apologize if I make any false statements and will be sure to rectify those in future posts if any exist in this one.

Kitty lives in a concrete home on a jungle hill on the edge of the rain forest, about 2 miles from the north eastern coast of the enchanted island. Luckily for her (I will have to post about how I don’t believe in luck one of these days :-)) the house is 100{99072c4854667f830cf0365223a1d7c052778b78b4e4600ec871a75fc2ebd305} concrete – my grandfather, her dad, would have it no other way.  Luis, her father has passed away many years ago, but his legacy of endurance, sustainability, resilience and overall toughness still stand. I believe it is that legacy that is in many manifestations the core of the Puerto Rican cultural legacy.

So yeah, she hung out in the bathroom – dogs and maybe even the chickens? during the first storm, Irma.

Then during the second, Maria.

I realize I need to end this blog here.  I want to get the facts right – I wanted to organize my thoughts – but I also wanted to get the ball rolling on documenting this part of me that is ‘going through some stuff’.

I am not sure if anyone will connect with this, but hopefully or maybe it just inspires someone towards global-community beneficial action 🙂