Okay this is going to be a but broad at first, but please have patience and the details will emerge.


I left for Puerto Rico last Monday – to attend the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association annual conference – The Caribbean Marketplace.  This conference is where many the hospitality and tourism interests gather to align the Caribbean brand and market themselves to wholesale businesses.  I was a tiny guppy in a huge salty sea… But with the patience, wisdom and experience of those around me I was able to traverse the learning curve needed to have the confidence and the message to promote Power2PR.


A quick aside – I sometime think of Power2XYZ/PR in terms of Supply, Demand and Product.   Supply is the donations, demand are the people, places and countries in need, and in between is the product, the Sunshine box.

So from 8-5 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was wearing a suit and talking to ministers of tourism, tourism association directors, hospitality industry leaders and representatives of governments from the 26 Caribbean countries.  Leaning who had an interest in disaster relief, what was being done and what were the expectations…The supply side. Then from 6-11ish we would visit the locals, listen to the trauma, share in the laughter and rebuilding and be in community…. The demand.  All the while showing off, educating on, and generally becoming more familiar with the Product.

Without getting into too much detail I will say that I was able to find the aggregate general Puerto Rican relief fund… communicate with members of the controlling board of said fund and come to a mutual understanding that these boxes will provide exactly the impact that the funds were intended to provide… so I was encouraged to continue that pursuit… and that is my #1 priority on the Supply side.

Regarding the demand side… I will have to keep this brief for now, but let me just say that the spirit of the Puerto Rican people is among the strongest and most determined that I have encountered across the globe.  The strength of will and spirit to survive what is going on 135+ days without electricity, amidst government, economic, infrastructure uncertainty – the Puerto Rican passion continues to be the focus of daily life.  Life has emerged as a series of personal connections – intimate connections – authentic connections – all for the pursuit of uplifting the whole.

I will be compiling the video and other documentation from this trip into a series of video and I encourage you to explore the site and view those as well, because for one – the music!  🙂

So that just leaves the recap of the Sunshine box.  This little box is making some huge strides towards becoming the total solution – – Energy independence – Take Charge!  I need to mention the strength of character, dedication to global humanity and knowledge of the highest caliber that is contained within 17 73 Innovation Co. – the manufacturer of the Sunshine box.  By listening to the voices impacted by the storm season of 2017, 17 73 Innovation Co is adding a myriad of accessories and upgrades to the box and I am happy to say that initial testing perform in Puerto Rico was splendid!  I can clearly see how the future of the Sunshine box is the future of energy independence.

I suppose that is enough for broad strokes, and as I am traveling back – 30k feet in the air (I sprung for $8 in-flight wifi) writing this I am reminded of a phrase that was repeated over and over while talking to the locals – This is your life now, and this is MY life now too.  Thank you all for being here at the start of something amazing… and hold on tight, this is going to be one hell of a ride!