• Fundraisers in USA continue to get boxes to Puerto Rico
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  • Energy Independence – New ways to use the Sunshine Box
We continue to raise money for Sunshine boxes here in the USA. Our current provisional 501c3 status doesn’t allow full fundraising, but we can still do a lot and our efforts over the last 2 weeks has allowed us to have 2 more Sunshine boxes available in Puerto Rico. We are gearing up for what will be an incredible fundraising effort – all to providing energy independence to those in need. We can all do our part by spreading the word about Power2XYZ and the Sunshine box – the more people know about it, the more support we will receive.
We know the storm season is coming no matter if boxes are there or not – so we have started a page on that shows ways that other people have started to prepare and how you can start on your journey to energy independence despite having a sunshine box or not – Here is where we will be adding items like shopping lists, expected usage times for various batteries, as well as DIY ways to add renewable energy to your life.
There are many ways that energy independence can be defined – but at its core is empowerment. This last weekend I took an 18 road trip with my daughter and tested what energy independence means to us – and for a 10 year old it means freedom.  She could use a fan and laptop anywhere! And there was no fear of running out of cell phone charge. We also found various products suited for 12vdc outlets, items that truckers use here in the USA – these items appear to work very well with the Sunshine box – including coolers and mini-refidgerators.  Read more at
Don’t forget, you can gift a sunshine box to yourself or someone you know at
Any anyone can register a need or sign up for communication by texting SolarPR to 51555
Thank you,
Marcus Flores
Executive Director