November Update

  • Updates to come quarterly, with blog posts coming monthly
  • Encourage your networks to donate or ‘gift’ a box
  • Promote energy independence through Power2PR Solar Assessment
Greetings Borinquen!
As we enter the last month of the hurricane season of 2018, we remember those who have helped us throughout this season. Let us take a minute to remember the friends, the workers, and even the strangers who have shown us love and support – and let us also take a minute to be grateful for all the help each and every one of you has provided to those in need as well.  The community of support on this beautiful island is a miracle of its own.
As we wrap us this storm season, Power2PR will no longer be sending out monthly updates such as this. We will be moving to provide updates once every 3 months (quarterly) at least until we begin to prepare for the 2019 season. We will continue to post updates and resources on our website and distribute these updates via Facebook and email, so keep an eye out on those platforms.  We will also continue sharing your stories with potential donors around the world in support of Puerto Rico’s disaster relief efforts, so please keep your stories coming – the world needs to hear about your strength and know that their donations will make a great impact.
We want to remind you all that Sunshine Boxes are available not only through donation of others, but these boxes can also be ‘gifted’ to yourself or your loved ones.  If you or someone you know is in need and you or someone you know wishes to help, they can go to and gift a Sunshine Box to a specific person, community or address. These boxes are not only a lifesaver, but they are also piece of mind during the many blackouts that continue to affect us.
I want to leave you this month with information on how you can start your journey towards energy independence by downloading our Power2PR Solar Assessment, a packet that steps you through the process of figuring out your energy needs and building a solar solution to meet those needs.  This packet is available for download at Feel free to submit any questions you may have via, or on our Facebook page – We are here for YOU!
Thank you all for your strength and motivation to survive despite the challenges that are faced every day. We will continue to share your stories with the world, showing the strength and resiliency of the Puerto Rican people, and you can always find out more about what we are doing by visiting us on Facebook or at
Until next time, cheers and God bless.
Marcus Flores