Power2PR in 2019

It is with a happy heart that I announce that Power2PR is now a US federally recognized 501c3 charity. We look forward to reaching even more potential donors and supplying even more Puerto Ricans with life sustaining Sunshine Boxes due to this new federal recognition.
This year we will be creating materials to distribute across the internet and the United States in order to raise awareness of Power2PR, so that people know there is a way they can help.  
I know there is a lot of discussion about the future of energy in Puerto Rico, but we are focused on our solar solutions and dedicated to getting these Sunshine Boxes into the hands of those who can use the help the most. 
We will continue to communicate our progress, and love hearing your stories as well. We know all the stories are not happy ones, but all stories deserve to be heard. Keep up faith and know there are people working for energy independence in Puerto Rico – Power2PR.
Thank you and God bless,

Marcus Flores
Executive Director Power2XYZ/PR