This last year has been one for the history books. We will be able to look back on 2020 and tell stories of what we did and where we were during this chaotic, important and powerful time. 

For Power2XYZ and Power2PR, that has meant a lot of soul searching. There is a lot to consider when making decisions as a person, as an organization, and also as a support service. I don’t want to gloss over the struggles that go into the decisions, because ‘how’ we know is equally as important as ‘what’ we know.

For me the ‘how’ was arrived at by a mixture of learning history, speaking with the community and a lot of prayer. Through some amazing conversations and a deeper understanding of the Puerto Rican culture and history, and a lot of prayer, it was clear to me that the last thing a service agency in Puerto Rico needed was to be ran by some mainlander who thought they knew what was best for the island. Don’t get be wrong, I spent plenty of time on the island and my bloodline runs through El Yunque, but if I wasn’t going to be present, or if the leadership of wasn’t going to be present on the island to run the organization then this would run the chance of being another ‘savior’ organization that turns out being more of a colonizer than a part of the community. That is the last thing I would ever want to do. But on the other hand, we have a product that has proven itself to be a lifesaver, el salvavidas, and there is both a need on this island and resources on the mainland, it didn’t make sense to me to just dissolve this nonprofit.

The long term goal is to hand over the organization to a board and executive director on the island, to sustain in a local way this organization that is recognized by both P.R and the USA state and treasury departments. Finding these individuals, with the time, passion and spirit to take on this endeavor has proven to be more difficult than it sounds. But I have faith that in God’s time this organization will live into the future it is meant to have. But in the mean time, I have decided to keep the organization going, to ‘just keep the lights on’ so that we can exist to be handed over to local leadership, to exist so that others know we exist, to exist so that anyone who wants to help still can, to exist so that people fed up with other disaster relief nonprofits know that there is an organization committed to being a part of the community and not just a hand out. 

So that is where we landed, with staying active as an organization, with staying compliant with state and local agencies in order to maintain our 501c3 status, and to continue to provide Sunshine Boxes where ever and whenever we can.

We have a board that understands this goal, and that will work to keep us compliant and ready to be handed off to local leadership when God’s time presents us with that opportunity.

We look forward to continued work on the island, we look forward to continued community building and most of all we look forward to the day when no Puerto Rican worries about their electrical infrastructure. The future is here, the future is now. Rest assured that we will keep fighting the good fight, and we welcome anyone interested in leading this organization in Puerto Rico, in order to ensure that local leaders connect with local needs and resources to make this a puertorriqueño thing 🙂


Thank you for your interest, passion and support,

Marcus Flores

Executive Director