I want to first thank you for your interest in this cause and your motivation to discover what we are doing about this emergency.

Let me make this clear: This is an ongoing national emergency – and if we want to really be honest, it is a multi-national emergency.

For over 130 days, citizens of Puerto Rico have been without electricity.  Now to be clear, there are ongoing efforts to restore the power grid, but by whom and to what standard are still questions without any answers.

What I felt called to do was gather information about where we as a human race are with energy independence and see of what is happening is really out of our control.  Without getting too technical or political I will just say that each individual is capable of capturing and electricity these days, it’s more a question of priorities and timing.

All of that is to say, we have a way to help – Power2PR.com is providing solar power units to people in Puerto Rico who are without electricity.

And unlike some of your more common relief organizations, when you donate with us – you get an online portal that tracks your donation as it moves through our logistics pipeline and turns into a box, then gets delivered to the gracious recipients.  Donors can be anonymous or not – but the recipients are always shared with the donor, and there is an opportunity for connection… learn about what it took to get through 130 days without power in a state of emergency…

I know there is a lot that a caring person is inundated with through their daily life, but if this speaks to you – if you want to make a real difference – please let us know, email, donate, spread the word – take action!