Our latest Sunshine Box to be delivered went to a lady by the name of Ruth and here is a little about her.

This box went to Ruth Gautier, in the community Las Dolores in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Ruth is active in her community, an informal leader. In 2018, right after hurricane Maria, Ruth entered and completed pastry/bakery school and now earns her money making cakes and pastries for all occasions. Ruth, like so many on the island suffers from chronic asthma as do her two grandsons and this Sunshine Box is helping Ruth to no longer worry about asthma treatments. The box also helps her grandsons feel safe and know they can power lights, fan and music no matter what happens outside.

Ruth is a great lady who is active and motivated and going to help Power 2 Puerto Rico as a local volunteer as we continue to get new recipients and validate those already on the list. Your donation helped not only Ruth, but our entire organization by getting this box to Ruth, she is an ideal advocate and volunteer locally.

We will follow up with more pictures of the box in use. The above were from when we delivered the box on 3/13/2020.