September 1st Update

  • The road towards funding goes through isolated, neglected barrios
  • New/local Solar information available on
  • We continue to work around the clock for energy independence
As we approach the first anniversary of Irma and Maria one can’t help but think about how we might be affected and how we would respond to another horrifying storm.
Solar power is a lifesaver in the wake of such devastation and we are here to provide solar power units to those in need – before and after the storm. Our mission as a charity is to search for and obtain funding to assist those who would otherwise be forgotten – but our solution is also available on-demand when individuals or groups are able to fund their own lifesaving box(es).
Our search for funding requires us to communicate the need for and impact of energy independence. There is no shortage of need and we continue to share your stories and the reality of the situation in Puerto Rico to the global community. We not only share stories of marginalized individuals but of marginalized communities – whole communities left in the dark and neglected by the current system. We continue to accumulate and share testimonials that illustrate a more truthful look at the struggle for electricity for hundreds and thousands of Puerto Rican Americans.
In addition to raising funds and securing solar power units for those in need, we are a resource for custom solar electricity information. We have added detailed information to our Power2PR Resources page with the goal of empowering Puerto Rican Americans with the knowledge to make the journey towards energy independence on their own terms. We have curated solar information specific to Puerto Rico down to the individual usage level, complete with formulas that guide one through sizing and starting this conversion to renewable electricity.
It has nearly been one full year since the devastation of 2017 but I can proudly say that we are here in Puerto Rico, we are established and we are growing. We are here working tirelessly around the clock to grow awareness and funding in order to be responsive in the wake of storm, but more importantly we are here before the next storm. The helplessness that so many felt a year ago now has an outlet to connect with and to assist those in need – Power2PR.
Please know you are not alone in your quest, desire and support for energy independence and you have an organization fighting to secure this vision for all.
Thank you,
Marcus Flores