I wanted to share the story of a family in Canóvanas. They are an elderly couple, who live together and enjoy the simple life of Puerto Rico. They were one of our first recipients, back in February. They had expressed a need for electricity as well as medical need – asthma.  Their location, age, medical need and box availability came together to provide them a temporary box for 72 hours until someone else was released from the hospital and needed the device on a more permanent basis.

Within those 72 hours, the lady of the home – we will call her Martha – experienced an asthma attack and needed immediate therapy.  She was able to plug her therapy device into an inverter connected to the Sunshine Box and receive medicated therapy that eased her asthma to a level that allowed her to drive to the hospital and get full treatment. Without this box Martha might not have made it to the hospital – and I hate to think of all those who are still without – or who are not secure in their electricity at the start of the next season.

Martha was able to keep that box and we were able to get another box to the intended location… more on that in a future post.

This is just one other story of how the Sunshine box has made a direct impact and continues to make an impact on the lives of those who are otherwise dependent on a fragile infrastructure.

If this story sounds too real, or if you just want to help – please consider gifting a box, or donating towards a box. If you are in need, register here.