Wow. It has been nearly 9 months since my last blog post. It sort of feels like I could have grown a baby during that time, and in some abstract sense I suppose I have been. But enough about me – I am here to talk about Power 2 XYZ and Power 2 – Puerto Rico!


Power 2 XYZ is now registered and recognized by both the State and Treasury Department’s of both Puerto Rico and The United States of America. This is a major milestone in terms of our organization existing and recognized by our governing bodies. Although this does not directly get more Sunshine Boxes into the hands of Puerto Ricans, it does make us visible on various databases and recognized as a legitimate charity to people checking us out. It is this recognition that now allows us to receive corporate donations as part of the IRS 20-22 business tax incentive program and that should result in a sustainable and steady stream of corporate donations – and thus more Sunshine Boxes.


We are working with the manufacturer of the Sunshine Box, 1773 Innovations Co. to further meet the needs in Puerto Rico, and I am pleased to say that two major Sunshine Box updates are slated (retrofit available) for 2020 – more on this to come, but what I can say now is that we are focused on meeting the needs of our recipients as well as keeping true to our commitment of 100% transparency and communication.


I am intentionally not speaking about the recent string of earthquakes to hit the island and surrounding land masses, because there will be a full blog dedicated just to that coming out in the near future.


I want to share a little more about the Sunshine Boxes, the lives of the people affected and the impact that these Boxes make when introduced to a home or community. 


Right now people on the island are not sure of much when it comes to electricity. Between long gas lines, loud and hazardous generators and the trauma of 2+ years of unstable electrical infrastructure, the people I have encountered are emotionally drained and physically spent. The constant struggle for daily food, keeping it cool, getting an education or having a job, or God forbid you have any medical (primary or mental health) issues is often too much to handle. We have found that when a Sunshine Box is introduced into a home, when people are sure they can use their medical therapy devices or charge their phone, set their alarms, have lights in the mornings and fans at night, when people own the ability to generate and store and use electricity on their own, that something special happens. Something special happens when one no longer has to struggle with basics, or even sometimes when someone is allowed to focus on the basics because they can now see the problem or know they have electricity to charge their phone or power a fan or radio. It is our mission to help satisfy some of our basic needs where we can – with sustainable solar energy, so that people can go on with their lives, which is struggle enough.


As our donors contribute, they are informed via email when their donation is sufficient for a Sunshine Box purchase (shipping included this is $770), when that box is shipped, when it arrives the donor is emailed a location of the box they funded as well as a picture and story surrounding the conditions their donation helped to change.  With so much going on in the world, it is easy to see us as just another charity, but in reality we are just people who are using organizational structure to leverage our efforts and provide lifesaving technology to those in need.  Try it out, make a donation and watch your impact change a life.


Thank you for your time and please, consider this the start of a conversation and send me a note about your thoughts, feelings or inspiration.


Marcus Flores