I have been asked a few times this week, “What keeps you going?”, which I interpret as “you look like hell”, but really speaks to the heart of this organization.  It could be just as easy for me to ask every single person on that beautiful island ‘what keeps you going’, but I have been there, and I know – there are just as many answers as there are people on that island, but I tell you what, behind every answer is a heartbeat – a brain – a conversation waiting to be had – and to put it simply, that is what keeps me going.

It might have seemed like I have been out of communication, but it has in fact been quite the opposite.  It was just 3 days ago that we successfully released an update in the form of text message, email, and  voice recordings – to over 1000 people who have trusted us with a sliver of hope.  We cherish that sliver and combine it with all the other slivers and are building a beacon of hope and sustainable energy.  This beacon is not the answer to all lives energy questions, but it does provide that answer when the question is about basic needs and communication – and from that we have the tools we each need to achieve our individual and collective purpose.

Aside from that mass communication, which obviously will increase 100x if not 1,000x over the next few weeks… we have finalized our organization structure to allow for the type of funding that will provide power to those in need.  Again, we are in this for the long haul, this is our life now just as much as it is for the people of Puerto Rico – and just a reminder, I will be moving out there in a few months.

So when I think about about what keeps me going, the long answer is sustainability – it is passing the torch – the beacon – the hope, that one day we will not have to concern ourselves with this type of tragedy – but rather bask in the warmth of sustainable community… and this my part in all of that.  And it is that mission, that purpose that I learned in part from my family, my friends and my Puerto Rican heritage.

What keeps you going?  If you find it difficult to answer – shoot me an email explaining why and we can talk about it.   🙂