I went ahead and slipped communicating on blog posts!!!  But we were able to make our April 1st communication on time, which was a cool Easter gift. There is a need to explain further the items discussed in that update… and that is what I will do here, with a little sneak peek on what the future holds… which explains the first image of this post 🙂


Okay, so first off we are moving boxes around Puerto Rico.  We had placed Sunshine boxes in municipalities based on need, but due to the hard work of many heads and hands – much of the electricity has been restored!!!  Let’s take a minute and celebrate that return to normalcy.  – Break over – There are still many communities WITHOUT!  As we check on the boxes and report the need, Puerto Ricans – People who lost electricity for 4+ months, who know more storms are coming – they are donating their boxes to go to communities that are still without – 202 days later!!!  We are finding communities that still do not have water!  So we are moving boxes there… yes, there is a huge need for donations.


The next point is the large funding.  We have applied for major grant funding through Unidos por Puerto Rico – seven figures – and are working through the administrative and bureaucratic webs that must be traversed in order to receive funds of that magnitude.  All of that is to say that we are very close to knowing one way or another if we can continue to progress through their process.  We have made great strides in forming other relationships with national level funding – where we would be able to provide all municipalities with hundreds or thousands of boxes each.  So – we are still working – every day – to get solar power to those in need – to provide energy independence in a sustainable and personal way.


That is a nice transition to the last point – our documentation.  That is actually what I have been writing recently – https://power2pr.com/power2pr/resources/ – that link shows some of the stuff we have – also, you might notice a Spanish version of the homepage and various other pages… translations are difficult for me – but thanks to various volunteers it has started to really take off – and that is the sneak peek…. we have teamed up with Microsoft to do data entry and translations… and in case you don’t know, Microsoft has a great heart and the money that backs that heart up.  More to come!