Registered Recipient Update – 2/15/2018

Thank you for your time and trust.

We are actively working to secure funding which will allow us to distribute thousands of sunshine boxes throughout the island.  Starting with community centers and medical emergencies and then getting to all others, we are presenting this plan to the foundations that control relief effort money.

We have not forgotten nor have we slowed down.

We are so very close to getting the right people to hear us and understand how amazing this solution is.  We anticipate a hope-filled during our next update – scheduled for the 1st of March.

We continue to connect with municipality leaders and community support organizations – with the explicit purpose of quantifying the true impact, understanding the true need, listening to your needs and communicating your voice to the world!

Between now and then I will be traveling between the mainland USA and PR in hopes of securing funding – so please know we are doing all we can, strengthened by the sight of you doing all you can and continue to do.

We believe we can get thousands of solar power units distributed throughout Puerto Rico – through the hurricane relief efforts we aim to provide energy independence – a tool for you to accomplish your life’s purpose!  We will start with high impact centers (places where 20+ people can use the box in one day) and places which have medical emergency needs, but then we WILL distribute boxes to all others.  If you happen to have funds and do not wish to wait – please visit this link and gift a box to yourself or someone you know.


We are listening.


Thank you,


Marcus Flores
Founder/Exec. Director Power2XYZ/PR

We will continue to distribute updates on the 1st and 15th of each month.

If you need to contact us please email or use the contact form on the website.

Please direct all new recipient requests to text SolarPR to 51555 – or visit our online form.