July 1 Update


• Living Lab
• Children’s Book
• Next Steps

Thank you for your time and continued support. Power2Puerto Rico continues to make great steps towards our focus of energy independence. In order to illustrate the concept of energy independence, we are doing two things that you will see over the next few months – the creation of the ‘living lab’, as well as the publication of a children’s storybook that tells the tale of a Puerto Rican family recovering from a devastating storm – through energy independence.

The living lab will be a location in Rio Grande where we will implement the concepts core to the Power2PR mission. We will demonstrate exactly how to live independently, yet in community. Complete solar, wind and hydro projects will demonstrate various methods to gain your independence and live into your power. Of course, we will continue to raise funds for Sunshine boxes, but until every Puerto Rican has one we want to show the various ways this concept can be achieved.

Another exciting and positive development is regarding the children’s book that is being written to help simplify and explain the capabilities and empowerment inherent to energy independence. The opening scene is set – a happy Puerto Rican family, who love the beautiful enchanted island and are preparing for a storm that is expected to hit. Except this storm is a lot stronger than expected and the damage is a lot worse. The strange thing about this particular storm is that afterwards, for days, week and even months no one has come to help and restore electricity. That is until the Sunshine box arrives – I am humbled and inspired to be a part of this organization and movement, and I thank all of you so much for being willing to listen, share and hope.

Everything is still on track for my relocation to Puerto Rico this month and with that relocation will come increased opportunity for funding, networking and exposure to our situation and cause. I can’t recall a time I was this excited, even though I know it will not be easy and may not always be pleasant, Puerto Rico is amazing and not just because of the land and the ocean, but because of the people.

Thank you,
Marcus Flores