July 15th Update


  • Power2XYZ/PR Executive Director now in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
  • Relief/Preparedness in full effect – with what we have
  • Community Development every day


The day has come when Power2PR is able to have a permanent presence on the island.  I have sealed up my house in Kansas City, packed up my daughter and my dog and committed to living in this beautiful oasis.  I often argued that a physical presence was not as critical as it once was believed to be, but for an island in such turmoil and trauma, physical presence is key. I am excited to go out each day and learn from the people who have experienced pain and trauma – learn what exactly their experience has been and what is needed to elevate their spirits and motivate their hearts.  Learn the stories, hopes, dreams, successes and failures of these fellow humans.  I encourage anyone reading this to let me know where they will be, if they want to talk, share, listen or learn… I will do my best to be there, to be here – with you.

Our core mission of natural disaster relief and preparedness are still in full effect, if only at a small scale for the time being.  We are spreading information, insights, and strength through labor – still cleaning up from Maria and Irma, while at the same time preparing for whatever might come during this season. Most of our preparation work is communicating a basic understanding of electricity, water purification and food/medicine gathering and where we can we secure resources and possessions so they will not be tragically effected if a severe storm were to come around.  That is to say – we have not received funding that would allow the distribution of Sunshine Boxes (solar power units) to very many people, but we are still committed to the vision of energy independence and making it accessible to all.  When we cannot buy, we make. When we cannot make, we learn.

Building communities is the big picture.  Through solid, reliable energy independence we are all more prepared and equipped to live in sustainable harmony.  When we see someone who has a need, we don’t look for money, we look for passion, for skills, for the willingness to help.  We then organize community needs and facilitate partnerships that empower each and every individual, instead of exploiting the individuals and communities. Please let us know what your pains are, what your passions are, what you need and what you have to give.  I am not talking about physical possessions, I am talking about what you have to give as a human, how you can listen, feel, learn, and change the world around you.  We are all capable of unlocking the magic of the universe, but only through community can that be shared.

This weekend I am going around to Rio Grande, Luquillo, and Fajardo, Next week is Caguas, Humacao, Yabucoa and Maunabo.  Please let me know if you are interested in attending a Power2PR event, and where you would like that event to be held – we are planning many events throughout the island and want to make sure that your input helps shape where these events are held.  Stay tuned for more details about the dates and locations of these events – where we will have food, music, learning, sharing and community building.


Thank you,

Marcus Flores