June 1 Update

  • Energy Independence is our primary objective – Energy is all around us, let us continue to step into our power.
  • Preparedness is more than hording supplies – Rediscovering that the resilient Puerto Rican spirit is what allows us to find opportunity amid disaster.
  • Relief through knowledge – How knowledge is respect and respect is empowering in all it’s various forms.
I want to start off this update by reiterating the core message of Power2PR and that is Energy Independence. The type of energy that we specialize in is solar, but if you look a little deeper you will see many more forms of energy at work around us every day. From waking up in the morning by an alarm clock, or having a cup of coffee to start the day to checking social media or simply having a conversation with a neighbor, we are all ‘plugged in’ to something.  We communicate and transfer this energy into action, into joy, into tears, into great food and great music… So when this energy is seemingly no longer is present or when we are unable to continue with our life’s purpose, we are not ourselves. I see a future where every Puerto Rican is capable of achieving their life’s purpose regardless of whether that person is tethered to a power plant. Where Puerto Ricans celebrate the opportunities presented in the wake of disaster and where we bounce back from a storm like our ancestors did, with the strength of their bodies, communities and spirit.
Preparing for the storm season means something different to almost everyone you ask, but there is a constant message throughout the responses and that is the ability to get back to ‘normal’, to ‘control’ something while the unpredictability of the winds and the rains threaten our ability to feel safe. I often think about my grandfather when I think of preparing, because that guy was ready for anything! It wasn’t because he had a lot of supplies, it was because he knew that his happiness or emotional strength was not ties to objects, but in the ability to discover objects all around him and turn those every day objects into whatever he needed. I am taking up the challenge of learning the ways of our ancestors, of how to grow, heal, and thrive in the natural landscape that is the enchanted island. We have everything we need all around us, let us never forget that.
That is not to say I don’t like technology, but as many of you prepare for this storm season, Power2PR is preparing and implementing various administrative and operational plans.  Since our business is that of distribution, education and training, preparing for us means a lot of behind the scenes actions that make distribution, education and training possible.  We look to have an increasing presence in Puerto Rico over this summer and although we may not get a Sunshine box to every Puerto Rican, we will do our best to have our message and the opportunity of energy independence put in front of every person on this planet – starting in Puerto Rico!
Please continue to share your joys, your pains…. your self.
Step into your power, own your power, be energy independent.
Thank you,
Marcus Flores