June 15 Update
(Delivered June 21)

Thank you for your time, attention and mostly for allowing Power2PR to enter into your lives.

Each day we get sunshine, each day we get another chance to live into our power. As this storm season kicks off, Power2PR is just days away from relocating from the United States to Puerto Rico. We will initially be in Rio Grande, but have plans to quickly establish a presence at 10 regional locations, making our events and activities within a short drive from anywhere on the island.

We are looking forward to gaining knowledge together, sharing each others insights and experiences and most importantly, providing energy independence to those in need.

In terms of an update on when sunshine boxes will be distributed, we still do not have funding so there is not yet a date. One of our top priorities, aside from providing the means for energy independence (if no funding then we will educate, educate, educate) is to obtain a sustainable funding source that will allow the distribution of Sunshine boxes throughout the island. We understand that in order to sustain this effort we need to be there on the island and in just a couple of weeks we will.

Thank you, and see you soon!

Step into your power, own your power, be energy independent.

Thank you,
Marcus Flores