Thank you for your patience as we work to deliver Sunshine boxes to those without electricity.
This message is reaching over 2,000 Puerto Ricans without electricity, but there are still hundreds and thousands that are not getting this message. We are a few hundreds of names behind in getting the signups added to our calling, emailing and text message delivery systems.  If you know anyone who has signed up but is not getting this message, please let them know we are still working – we have been able to convert just over $6,000 into 13 Sunshine boxes – powering the lives of over 160 people in 11 different locations around the island. We know that does not impact the hundreds of thousands without – but we are still working every day to get thousands of Sunshine boxes to Puerto Rico.
This week we secured cargo transport of Sunshine boxes from the United States, made civic and community connections in Luqillo, Caguas, Canovanas, Rio Grande, Vega Alta and Carolina.  We are continuing to find funding and distribution partners.  We are gathering momentum and are on track to have thousands of Sunshine boxes available on the island not only for Irma and Maria, but for any storm that comes this way.
Relief – Preparedness – Energy Independence
Please share this or any of our updates.  Updates along with blogs about the growth and experiences of Power2PR are available online at
Registration can also be done online – begin by texting SolarPR to 51555
Please do not reply to this message – this line is not monitored.
Stay tuned for another update on March 15th.
Thank you
Power 2 Puerto Rico