• No funding through Unidos por Puerto Rico
• SolarSummer2018 – Local/National fundraising
• Preparing for the upcoming storm season
It is with a heavy heart that I must communicate the news I received from Juntos y Unidos por Puerto Rico, the largest foundation of charitable funds focused on Puerto Rico disaster relief.  They have informed us that we did not qualify for our request due our organization forming after the storm.  Unidos has also informed us that they will no longer be funding solar projects.  I will continue to investigate this – as I feel that message alone is terrible – I must understand the truth – and once I do, I will communicate my findings.
And now for the good news.  With our focus now on other local and national funding sources we are excited to form new relationships and partnerships with groups and people that realize solar can and does solve many problems in Puerto Rico.  We must build awareness for our effort, as many have forgotten or are in denial about how this very thing could happen to them.  We are diligently working to establish fruitful and replicable fundraisers, so everyone can have an outlet to help, connect and advance Puerto Rico.  Ultimately Puerto Ricans must step into their own power, literally and figuratively, and Power2PR is doing exactly that!  SolarSummer2018 is going to be in full effect!
For many, dealing with the impending storm season is now the focus. Power2PR would like to be your partner in that effort.  Personally, I will be moving to Puerto Rico in July, so this is not just talk – this is action.  We will be updating our website with resources that may help get you prepared for the storm season, with things like DIY projects, checklists, partners, and places to purchase your supplies. That and much more will be coming soon on our website. Please know we are in this together, we will see Puerto Rico succeed and we will be a part of it.
Please continue to dream, speak, DO!  Let us know how we are doing and what we could do better.  We are all in this together – and together we are amazing!
Thank you,
Marcus Flores
Founder/Exec. Director