October Update

  • 2/3 Though the Storm Season
  • Recipient/Solar Stories
  • Entering a Season of Giving
I want to briefly comment on this storm season – but only to recognize that we are in the last two months of this 6 month cycle. We are 2/3 of the way through the season that holds so much worry and trauma for us all. I believe that is something to recognize, that we are more than halfway out of this season, but still have 2 months left – so let us not forget that preparation is something we all can do. I want to share a very comprehensive natural disaster preparedness site that is written in native Spanish – https://www.ready.gov/es – This site contains many resources, checklists and even games that encourage and empower children to process and prepare for natural disaster. Please take some time and invest in your safety and that of your loved ones by not just reading preparedness information, but taking the recommended actions – we certainly have.
We at Power2PR have been taking this season to check-in on the Sunshine Boxes we have provided to those in need.  Let me be the first to say that the reach of our impact has not been as great as desired, but as discussed all along the way – that lack of reach is a result of a lack of funding, not a lack of need or materials. We will be featuring stories and impacts of each box both to this audience as well as our audience of potential donors in order to solicit more donations and as a result, more boxes. These stories demonstrate the true lifesaving power of these boxes and it is our goal to get more of these boxes in the hands of those in need, providing the sense of independence and security inherent to living a good life. Stay tuned for those stories and please share with us your stories of growth, development, strength, and resiliency. Your stories are inspiration to many – and we are listening.
As we enter the last part of the year, we are looking forward to receiving a ruling from the US Federal Government regarding our 501c3 status and subsequently from the Hacienda in Puerto Rico. We are confident once provided this government recognition that our efforts will have more opportunity to convey the impact demonstrated by your need matched with our services. These rulings should coincide with what is referred to as the Giving Season in the United States, where charities notice an uptick of donations based on the Holidays and end of year financials. But rest assured, despite the season we will maintain our message, our passion and our truth.
Your strength is a continual inspiration to us all – we are listening.
Thank you,
Marcus Flores